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Hand Knitted Leash Collar Set

Hand Knitted Leash Collar Set

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Our hand knitted dog leash and collar is a stylish, durable, and comfortable accessory for your furry friend. Made from high-quality, soft, and eco-friendly materials, the collar features an adjustable buckle closure and the lead leash has a sturdy metal clasp that securely attaches to the collar, providing safety and control during walks. The hand-knitted design of the leash and the sophisticated look of the leather collar make this set a stylish accessory for dogs of all sizes, and it comes in a stylish package that makes it an excellent gift option for dog owners who care about sustainability.



Neck 26-32CM Width 15mm Rope 150cm


Neck 34-40CM Width 20mm Rope 150cm


Neck 38-45CM Width 23mm Rope 150cm

Product Benefits


Hand-knitted items are made with high-quality materials and are often more durable than mass-produced, machine-made items. This means that a hand-knitted dog leash and collar is likely to last longer and hold up to wear and tear better.


Hand-knitted items are often more comfortable to use than their machine-made counterparts. A hand-knitted dog leash and collar may be softer and less likely to cause skin irritation or discomfort for your dog.

Unique design

Hand-knitted items are often one-of-a-kind and can be custom-made to suit your individual needs and preferences. This means that you can choose a design that is unique to your dog, making them stand out and look great.

Environmental sustainability

Hand-knitting is more environmentally sustainable than mass production, as it requires fewer resources and generates less waste. Choosing a hand-knitted dog leash and collar can be a great way to make a more eco-friendly choice for your pet.


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