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Portable Pet Treat Pouch

Portable Pet Treat Pouch

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 Introducing our Portable Pet Treat Pouch – the must-have accessory for every pet owner on the go!

Our treat pouch is designed with convenience in mind, making training sessions and walks with your furry friend a breeze. The spacious compartment holds an abundance of treats, while the secure drawstring closure keeps them fresh and readily accessible.

The added zippered pocket provides extra storage for your keys, money, or poop bags, ensuring you have everything you need for a hassle-free outing with your pet.

Crafted from durable and waterproof materials, our treat pouch is built to withstand outdoor adventures and unpredictable weather, making it the perfect companion for your furry companion.

Say goodbye to fumbling with treat bags and hello to seamless training and bonding moments with your pet. Order our Portable Pet Treat Pouch now and enjoy a more organized and enjoyable experience with your furry best friend!


Length: 13cm

Width: 9cm

Product Benefits

Convenient Treat Access

The pouch allows quick and easy access to treats during training or outdoor activities, enhancing the effectiveness of positive reinforcement.

Hands-Free Operation

The pouch can be clipped to clothing, freeing up your hands for leash control and other tasks.

Spacious Storage

With its roomy compartment, the treat pouch can hold an ample supply of treats, keeping your furry friend motivated and focused during training sessions.

Additional Storage Options

The mesh pocket provides extra space to store small essentials like keys, money, or poop bags, keeping all necessities within reach.

Durable and Easy to Clean

Constructed from durable and waterproof materials, the treat pouch withstands various outdoor conditions and is easy to clean after use.


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